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School & Retail Food Service Uniform Rental


Food Service Uniform Rental

  • Chef Wear and Kitchen Uniforms

  • Server and Cashier Apparel

  • Protective and Safety Wear

  • Specialty Aprons

  • Custom Embroidery

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Enhance Your Image to Build Trust

Projecting a professional and hygienic image is essential to building trust in your food service environment. Get the right look with food service uniform rental from Pratt Abbott.

From school and university cafeterias to grocery retail, Pratt Abbott provides the uniforms you need to keep your customers feeling safe and your employees looking clean and professional.

Choose from a full range of high-quality chef and kitchen apparel, as well as customer-facing uniforms and aprons for servers and cashiers. We stock the best brands to keep your staff comfortable, safe, and stylish.

Personalize your apparel with our custom embroidery. Our weekly uniform service ensures that your uniforms are always fresh, crisp, and presentable.

Food Service Uniform Rental Programs

When you partner with Pratt Abbott for your food service uniform rental, we take care of all the details.

  • Our experienced staff will help you choose the best products to fit your style and budget.
  • We’ll clean your items weekly at our top-notch facility, ensuring stain-free and hygienic workwear.
  • Any worn or damaged items will be replaced or repaired as necessary.
  • Staff turnover means you need another size? No problem!
  • Our reliable pick-up and delivery service guarantees you’ll never run out of fresh, clean uniforms and supplies.

Let’s Get Started

To learn more about food service uniform rental, call (207) 854-5405 or (800) 266-7403 and ask for Thomas Gridley.

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