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Learn how Pratt Abbott can help your business improve cleanliness and safety.  

Mat Rental Services

Commercial floor mat services help your business make the right impression. Mats catch dirt and water when visitors and staff enter and walk through your building. They keep your business clean and reduce maintenance costs. Pratt Abbott offers a full line of mats for rent or purchase, including: 

We Serve Northern
New England

Our trucks deliver daily throughout Maine, New Hampshire, and Greater Metro Boston.

Call today and speak directly with a local expert in commercial mat service.

Mat Rental

Every week, a Pratt Abbott route pro will pick up your soiled mats and replace them with clean, fresh mats. 

Mat rental service allows you to improve appearance, keep your business clean, and spend less time and money on maintenance. Mats also enhance safety with slip and fall prevention. 

With weekly service, you never have to think about your floor mats—Pratt Abbott will take care of everything with no up-front investment. 

dust mat service
Custom Logo Mats
Custom Logo Mats

Establish your brand identity and reinforce your brand message to everyone who enters or leaves your business. Custom logo mats enhance your company image and keep your name top of mind. 

Pratt Abbott will help you select and style custom logo mats that impress your customers and keep them returning. All with no upfront investment from you.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Your employees will appreciate the reduced strain and improved comfort that comes with anti-fatigue mats. Mats can prevent physical stress that leads to long-term injuries and help you provide a safe and productive work environment.

With Pratt Abbott’s mat rental service, you can meet OSHA recommendations with no upfront investment. 

anti fatigue mat rental
How the Service Works
mat rental

1. No upfront investment

Get started right away no matter your budget.

We deliver on time

2. Clean mats delivered

Fresh, clean mats delivered weekly and always on-time.

3. Flexible plans

Flexible rental plans grow with you to meet your changing needs.

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