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Establish trust in your hotel with a clean and professional image that reflects the style, elegance, and cleanliness you want to be known for. Your staff will earn the confidence of your guests in high-quality uniforms from Pratt Abbott.

  • Housekeeping Uniforms
  • Front Desk & Doormen
  • Chef & Restaurant Apparel
  • Specialty Aprons
  • Custom Embroidery

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Hotel Housekeeping Uniform Rental

Uniform rental programs that meet your needs

Hotel Uniform Rental

We offer executive suiting for managers, concierges, and front desk staff that communicates competence and discretion.Our housekeeping apparel is both functional and hygienic, allowing your staff to work comfortably while also projecting a spotless and dependable image to guests.  Your hotel restaurant staff will love our premium chef wear, kitchen apparel, and front-of-the-house uniforms. And your customers will recognize the attention to detail that ties your whole operation together.

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How uniform rental works

Housekeeping Uniform Rental
Free Consultation

Pratt Abbott provides a no-obligation consultation and review of your business needs. If applicable, we will also analyze billing for your current service to determine where we can save you money and provide more value.

Custom-Designed Program

We will create a custom plan for your business based on your needs and budget. This includes items, quantities, delivery, and maintenance schedules.

Instant Implementation

Since you don’t have to purchase the products, you don’t need upfront capital. Your uniform service can start immediately so you project the right image on day one.

Scheduled Delivery

Based on your service needs, we will pickup your soiled products and deliver freshly cleaned ones—as well as stock other items such as paper products, soaps, and safety supplies.

Why choose Pratt Abbott


Expert Guidance

Our experienced staff will help you choose the best products to fit your style and budget.


Cleaning & Maintenance

We’ll clean your items weekly at our top-notch facility, ensuring clean and sharp workwear.


Repair & Replace

Any worn or damaged items will be replaced or repaired as necessary.


Custom Branding

From logos to name plates, we customize your uniforms with quality embroidery.


Flexible Inventory

Staff turnover means you need another size? No problem!


Pickup & Delivery

Our reliable pickup and delivery service guarantees you’ll never run out of fresh, clean uniforms.

Benefits of uniform rental

Pratt Abbott delivers custom image management that saves you money and time, giving you the freedom to reach new heights with your business. Join our family of local hotels and enjoy the benefits of full-service uniform rental.

  • No cleaning</h3 >

    We take care of all cleaning and maintenance at our ultra-hygienic facility.

  • No inventory management</h3 >

    We keep track of your items using RFID and make adjustments as your needs fluctuate.

  • No products to buy or maintain</h3 >

    We provide all the products you need and replace, repair, or update your inventory as necessary.

  • More time to grow your business</h3 >

    We take care of the details so you can focus on what matters—running your business!

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