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Pratt Abbott has hard-to-find protective supplies in stock to help you open and run your business according to safety guidelines.  Fast and reliable delivery in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. 

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Featured Products:

isolation barrier gown

Isolation Barrier Gowns

Reusable barrier gowns provide high-level fluid protection against infectious agents. 

  • 99% polyester, 1% carbon
  • Single-ply fluid-resistant barrier fabric
  • Knit cuffs prevent exposure and support hand hygiene
  • Comfortable one-size-fits-all design

Flexible pricing plans

  • Short-term use: $25/each with 6-month plan
  • Long-term use: $1.14/each

Sanitation Stations

Touchless hand sanitizing station with stand, ideal for high-traffic areas.

  • Zero touch
  • Zero contamination
  • Refillable 32-oz sanitizer bottles


  • $20 per station, per week
  • 2 or more stations only $15/week
  • Wall-mounted dispensers available for $4.95/week
sanitizer station
no-touch thermometer

No-Touch Thermometers

Clinical forehead infared thermometer for instant temperature readings.

  • 1-second response time
  • Non-contact readings approx. 2 inches from forehead
  • Accurate and stable readings regardless of room temperature

Sale Pricing

  • $99/each (normally $125)

Face Masks

Reusable and washable face masks provide comfortable protection from particles in the air. 

  • Three layers
  • 100% cotton
  • Adjustable ear straps 
  • Allows for easy breathing and normal speaking


  • Rental or purchase from $0.40/each
Face mask
Face Shield

Face Shields

Reusable, lightweight face shields provide comprehensive coverage.

  • Double-sided anti-fog visor
  • Easily cleaned with water or disinfectant
  • Adjustable head harness
  • Fits over most goggles and respirators

Tiered Pricing

  • 1 shield: $9.00/each
  • 10 shields: $7.50/each
  • 50 shields: $6.50/each 

Additional Supplies In Stock Now

Nitrile Gloves
Disinfectant Spray
Grab-a-Rag Microfiber Wipes

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