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Reopening Solutions

We have everything you need to open and run your business.

PPE and Safety Gear

Masks, gloves, barrier gowns, thermometers, and more
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Uniforms & Business Essentials

Uniform, towel and mat rental programs to boost your business
High-quality uniforms and business essentials on a weekly service you don't have to think about
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Table Cloths & Napery

High-quality table cloths and custom napery for your restaurant
Beautiful table linens cleaned, pressed and restocked like clockwork so you're never left hanging
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Food & Beverage Uniforms

Chef apparel, front-of-house uniforms, aprons, and more
Stylish, easy-to-wear apparel that attracts more customers to your business
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Vacation & Event Linens

Sheet and towel service for your vacation home or special event
Hypoallergenic sheet and towel sets that make it easy to provide comfort and convenience to your guests
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Healthcare Services

Scrubs, lab coats, patient gowns, bed linens, absorbent towels, and more
Clean and hygienic healthcare solutions that give you confidence and exceed the standards
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Facilty Services

Restroom supplies, paper products, mats and mops, and more
Cleanliness and image solutions that help you create a healthier environment for staff and customers
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Uniforms & Essentials

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Table Cloths & Napery

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F&B Uniforms

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Vacation Linen Sets

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Healthcare Linens

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Facility Services

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Order Vacation Home Linens

Sheet and Towel Sets

Sheet Sets: 1 flat, 1 fitted, 2 pillowcases (Twin sets have 1 each)

Towel Sets: 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, 2 wash cloths (Twin sets have 1 each)

Standard Twin Sets

with Towel Set

Premium Twin Sets

with PREMIUM "ECO Soft" Towel Set

Standard Full Sets

with Towel Sets

Premium Full Sets

with PREMIUM "ECO Soft" Towel Sets

Standard Queen Sets

with Towel Sets

Premium Queen Sets

with PREMIUM "ECO Soft" Towel Sets

Standard King Sets -
with Std Pillowcases

with Towel Sets

Premium King Sets -
with Std Pillowcases

with PREMIUM "ECO Soft" Towel Sets

Standard King Sets -
with King Pillowcases

with Towel Sets

Premium King Sets -
with King Pillowcases

with PREMIUM "ECO Soft" Towel Sets

Add Extra Towels

Extra Std 2-2-2 Towel Sets

with Standard Towels

Extra Premium 2-2-2
Towel Sets

with PREMIUM "ECO Soft" Towels

Extra Bath Towels

Single Standard Towels

Extra Premium Bath Towels

Single PREMIUM "ECO Soft" Towels

Additional Items

Extra Pillowcases - Std

Extra Pillowcases - King

Bath Mats

Beach/Pool Towels

Dish Towels

Laundry Bags

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We purchase and customize all the products you need. You save on upfront costs and never have to think about repair or replacement.

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We clean and press your products to the highest standard and double-check our work. You never have to worry about what your customers will see.

Always on Time

We pickup and deliver clean and pressed stock on a weekly schedule that keeps you fully prepared with the perfect amount of product.

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